Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Wirral-born singer-songwriter Paz combines synth-pop and classical in the new single "Ghost"

Jacob Parry started project Paz after growing up around music and playing classical piano as a child before discovering David Bowie, The Doors, and Ray Manzarek, who he notes as some of his main influences. Combining these styles that do not usually encounter each other birthed Paz's fresh sound where bedroom-synth meets alternative.

Released February 26th, the new track has the raw sound of a bedroom project but is fine-tuned compared to the earlier single "Lemon Meringue". The song is quiet and unimposing with a Beatle-esque psychedelic rhythm highlighting the lyrics' spirituality, and the song's feel. Stylistically the song feels melancholic, but with straightforward lyrics that tell the listener a story without frills, it becomes a bop with a wonderful synth background complimenting the melodies.


Parry told Little Dose of Indie that lyrically he is inspired by Jeff Mangum, saying, "surreal lyricism always resonated with me. His lyrics are grandiose but grounded", and this surrealism registers both in lyrics and sound. The 22-year-old singer has also said he recently got serious about making music and is making more music than ever after being inspired by friends’ creations which sparked the Paz project.


For a one-man band, the project has an impressive balance of fast pop drums, synth piano, and subtle guitar riffs, which are done with a confident subtly that focuses on his whispering storytelling abilities feel Ian Brown inspired.


The track has a certain magnetism that leaves you wanting to hear the end of the story and shows a level of professionalism that makes future releases from Paz something to watch out for.

Daisy Fitzgerald

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