Thursday, May 13, 2021

Casey Sana is feeling melancholic in ‘MALIBLU’

‘MALIBLU’ is the latest hit from American singer-songwriter Casey Sana, whose mellow vibe leaves us anything but blue. Using intricate imagery and colour symbolism to depict his deepest emotions, ‘MALIBLU’ serves as a clever play on words to demonstrate the juxtaposition between Malibu’s beauty and Sana’s misery and sorrow: “The sun sets red / The water’s cool / Too bad I’m in Maliblu alone”.


Sana is an enigmatic artist; describing himself as a ‘masked musician’ in the description of his YouTube channel, with little known about the man behind the mask, other than what he reveals in his bio and music. He has fabricated an elusive persona with his partial anonymity, allowing his music to truly speak for itself.


Sana’s music is an amalgamation of a multitude of genres; seamlessly fusing elements of electronic pop, hints of hip-hop, and a dash of alternative rock to create his own unique sound. ‘MALIBLU’ has a laid-back tone, with smooth and dreamy vocals, warm layered synths, a leisurely drum beat, and a melancholic guitar solo midway through the song that is tinged with despondent nostalgia.


The powerful message of the detrimental effects that fame chasing in the Western world can have on your mental health works its way through the track. Sana speaking of the loneliness and solitude that can come hand in hand with success, despite it ostensibly seeming that you are living your greatest dreams: “When you’re living in this Western spell / Where you lose yourself / Just to gain the world”.


The track manages to simultaneously capture the peaceful and relaxing nature of Malibu’s sandy beaches alongside Sana’s contrasting mellow and somber thoughts. He communicates his emotions using admirably intelligent song-writing, masking his feelings behind metaphors and imagery without losing any honesty or sincerity along the way.


Gemma Cockrell


Image: credit casey sana

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