Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Annie Mac, BBC Radio 1 Powerhouse and Radio Icon

Annie Mac, an ever-present force in the British music industry, is hanging up her hat at BBC Radio 1 after an extraordinary run of 17 years.

Born in Dublin, Annie studied English literature at Queens University Belfast and was determined to break into the radio industry. She worked on student radio stations before becoming a producer at the BBC. Her first programme for the BBC was broadcast in July 2004. 

Throughout her tenure of almost 20 years, the curly-haired DJ has introduced up-and-coming British bands on her ‘Future Sounds' show, giving them a leg up and a platform to express their art freely. 

Annie was finally given the reigns as host of the show in 2015. Listeners of the long-standing show also credited her with helping them get through the lockdown. 

As the host of the famous live lounge segment, she has worked with countless worldwide renowned artists from all genres from Paramore to Justin Bieber. During these sessions, listeners have heard renditions of some classic hits as well as some imaginative covers within the past 6 years. 

One of her most memorable interviews was her chat with Kanye West (billed as his only UK interview), where she quizzed him on his then highly anticipated album ‘Yeezus’. Kanye spoke candidly about his infamous Glastonbury appearance, his label of being ‘crazy’ (which is the origin of his famous “either I'm crazy or everybody else is” line), and his love for Walt Disney’s movies. You can listen to the full interview here.

As well as her achievements on the air, she set up her own festival in 2015, named Annie Mac: Lost and Found Festival, which was held in St Paul’s Bay, Malta. Thanks to this she was elected as Malta’s Festival ambassador in 2018 and received the award by Malta’s Minister of tourism. 

She helped The 1975 launch their critically acclaimed album ‘Notes on a Conditional Form’. She chatted to them about their upcoming release and debuted their hit ‘Me and you together song’ with an exclusive live performance in early 2020 on her show, ‘Hottest Record in the World'

The Irish DJ is known for her keen listening skills and her effective interview style. This has allowed her to conjure deep and personal answers from a usually stoic and mysterious Alex Turner about their latest album. 

Mac’s farewell post on social media described her reasons for leaving as personal, as she said “I need more time to see my kids in the evenings now they are both in school. I would like more time to write fiction and to create podcasts".

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