Friday, May 07, 2021

The Impersonators take us on the journey of the “Life of Grant” on their latest album

Life of Grant, released on March 26th 2021, is proving to be one of the strongest rock albums of 2021, brimming with emotion, gripping songwriting, and high-quality production. 

The band formed by Tom Tikka in 2017, it is made up of Tikka and Antti Autio, created after fresh out of the split of Tikka’s former band Carmen Grey. The impersonators combine a mixture of upbeat pop tunes, plaintive lyrics, alt-rock, and retro influences within their music, all of which are present within the journey Life of Grant takes us on. 

Whether it be the versatility within their music or their insistence on not touring their music, The Impersonators' tendency to defy expectations is what makes them an exciting and multifaceted duo. 

Life of Grant tells a story of the life of a fictional man named Grant, a character based around Tikka’s dad and grandfather - a marine and merchant, left wounded and scarred by the memories of war. 

In conversation about the album, Tikka mentions how the struggles both his grandfather and dad faced, tragedies and loss, hardships with working life, heartbreak, love and lust within relationships, memories of youth and changes throughout life, served as inspiration for the albums poignant and powerful tone.

 The strong emotional connection to the music is felt through strong storytelling lyrics in songs such as “Scarlett Hell” a sultry song that dives into the complexities of lust and angst, as the protagonist becomes infatuated with a rendezvous that is both tempting but risky.

When We Were Young” offers an evocative reflection and reminiscence on youth and the eagerness to dive into life during it, contrasted with conflicting feelings felt as you grow up, combined with sorrowful and emotion-filled vocals. 

Some of the best tracks on the album include the single ‘Rodeo’, an energetic opener to the album with excellent production and belting vocals, which tells the story of being made a fool by the betrayal of a lover. “Effigy” is a soft melancholy indie-rock tune, the peak of the song being the transition from the retro-inspired, echoey soundscape created in the bridge into the best guitar solo on the album that makes you want to break out the air guitar. The lyrics are melancholic and self-reflective, expressing the emotion of feeling lost and trapped within yourself. 

The track ‘Circus’ is a song that pairs an upbeat alternative pop and melodic vocal harmonies to create a sense of warmth. ‘Sad Café' is groovy and soulful mixed with electronic influences, expressing and reflecting upon desolate emotions caused by a broken love - displayed in the lyrics of the catchy chorus.  

Other tracks include the vocally powerful “Burning Blue”, the warm romantic “You Are the One” and “Gold Fish Blues”.

The album is an excellent, versatile and evocative piece of storytelling which makes us excited for the band's future projects.  

Lian Lak

Image: Official Album Artwork

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