Saturday, May 08, 2021

Reset by HYMNS is the next Post-Punk Phenomenon

It is seldom seen that classic Spaghetti Western tunes are blended with post-punk and darkwave elements. That is exactly what HYMNS in their latest EP 'Reset' have accomplished. 

This London alternative band is comprised of four members, Oliver Hooper (lead vocals & guitarist), Giorgio Compagnone (bass guitarist and keyboardist), Amy Chapman (drummer & supporting vocalist), and Filippo Ferazzoli (guitarist). 

The title track 'Reset', sinks its teeth nd digs into the minds of corrupt individuals whose quench for power supersedes their service to the common man. Its official video is a thread of various clippings of how the arms race between countries has compelled everyone to be armed to the teeth. 

Oliver, their frontman, highlights this view by stating in the opening verse to "Take a look outside and you'll find that we're all just guns for hire". These words have been accompanied by heavy guitar riffs and perfectly timed chops. 

'Concrete Skies' uses loose nylon strums add to the groovy and chill instrumental sound. However, the lyrics hit hard as it evokes a sense of revelation individuals face during these times.  "Is it such a surprise that we live under concrete skies?", talks about how we are controlled, manipulated, and silenced as per the whims and fancies of the people belonging to a higher stature.  The amount of heartlessness and lack of empathy transcends down the societal hierarchy making us equally emotionless in the face of inhumanity.  

'Sirens' tackles the tragic experience the band witnessed at the London Underground, where criminal activities are the daily order of the day. The perfect musical setting has been provided when the interlude adopts a suspenseful Wild Wild West sound. The distortions and heavy guitar progressions have been inspired by post-punk stalwarts like Joy Division and Sonic Youth. 

The final track of the EP, 'Wrong' talks about the insecurities vested in a relationship and the ambiguity of being hurt during the process. It is an introspection that is highly relatable in the face of a difficult relationship. It is a toxic defense mechanism to hurt to prevent yourself from getting hurt.  "And I know that I shouldn't feel it cause it's wrong" is a confession that it is easier to do wrong than right. The parade-like drum rolls and emotionally charged lyrics provide a divine ending to the song and the EP. 

With a unique sound and vision, will HYMNS be able to establish a larger audience who will be able to accept this lyrically conscious band? Only time will tell.

Rebanto Roy

@RebantoR @goodassroy

Image: Official EP artwork

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