Friday, May 07, 2021

Join the Dots with Grids and Dots

Sydney-based four-piece Grids and Dots have recently released their EP ‘What Happens to Friendships?’. This newest release combines a variety of sonic influences with the indie rock base sound, layered with 80’s synch, guitar and reverb. 

The EP opens with Dishes and Days, giving listeners a gentle opening with its dream pop, indie chill sound. With a foot tapping underlying drum beat, listeners are eased into the EP - it has a sound that sneaks inside of you and takes control of your body. 


The easy listening vibe continues on into track 2 - The Great Divide, which has an increase in pace that allows listeners to get lost in the beat and move themselves in sync with the rhythm as it flows through them. There is a sadness in the lyrics but a hopefulness in its sound with its upbeat dream pop style. The track emanates a moment of contemplation before pushing listeners to come out of the other side, better for it. 


City Skies is a song that is ready for the live stage and is clearly made for a set opener. With its building beat that gets ramped up throughout the song, it is certified to get audiences hyped and moving. 


What Happens to Friendships in Winter? is the ballad of the EP with the female vocals taking centre stage and giving the song a haunting sound that elicits goosebumps among the listeners. The backing vocals give a choral like feel, overall, creating an enchanting sound. 


Suzy Says has a soundtrack style that you can envision hearing as the background to a poignant or sombre moment in either a film/tv show, or even in reality. It leaves listeners with that contemplative, reflective feeling once more. 


Someone Mentioned Today is a song for listeners to be alone with. It’s a moment for headphones in, volume up and world out with this song.


Hazey Jane is the party style ‘rock’ out song of the EP. It embodies the feeling of being in the sun with the people you love, having fun and making memories. There’s a carefree warmth to the song that leaves listeners dancing and ends the EP on a feel-good finale. 


‘What Happens to Friendships?’ has a bit of everything; from slower ballads, to a dreamy indie track and upbeat songs to get you moving. The EP is a soothing soundscape of escapism for listeners. It transports them to a different world, time and moment that is removed from the reality they’re living in. Just for a little while, the EP allows for the world to have a somewhat rose-tinted hue of peace and tranquillity, offering a moment to just breathe and embrace yourself. Grids and Dots have got something for every mood in this EP, what more can you ask for than that?

Georgina Shine


Image: Provided by the Artist

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