Tuesday, May 11, 2021


If you somehow forgot that longer, warmer days are upon us, alt-pop singer-songwriter Litany and producer Oscar Scheller are here to remind us with a new joyful single ‘Playlist’, a tune destined to make you move from the first listen.

The vibrant feeling of the song showcases the natural connection between the two artists. Scheller recognises Litany’s effortless ability to compose catchy melodies and creates the perfect base to highlight her voice. 

“I just adore Oscar,” said Litany in a press release, “He’s got this impalpable work ethic and artistic vision to go along with it, so to be able to collaborate let alone call him a dear friend is just rad as hell”.

In addition, Oscar said, “First of all, I’m constantly laughing with Beth. It’s been that way from the get-go. And I’m always floored by how effortless she is with her melodies, lyrics and storytelling. It’s so great to have a collaboration with my friend. 90% of our time in the studio is just us chatting shit, doing impersonations, and messing about. But that remaining 10% is all we need to make a great tune”. 


Litany explained that the song was inspired by a playlist that a guy had sent to her, which puzzled her as she tried to decipher a possible meaning behind it.


She had this to say regarding the creative process: “We wrote this song a couple sessions deep after I told him that I was obsessing over this playlist a dude sent to me and felt I was looking for hidden messages, like, ‘OMG, does he love me ‘cos the first song is ‘Girl Like You’ by Edwin Collins?’ But Oscar was like, ‘THERE’S THE SONG RIGHT THERE’”.


The feelgood mood is also recalled in the video which sees the two artists individually telling their side of the story as they walk towards the playground, where they later meet.


Litany has revealed that she will be returning to the stage later this year, with a live show at the iconic Jazz Cafe in Camden on June 26th.


Luca Ortelli

Instagram : lucaortellli

image: https://open.spotify.com/album/19p2ZM4dceuzqmCQUSyecU?si=PmUHg6GCSRirCGoha1j1oA photographer: Donny Johnson

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