Thursday, May 27, 2021

Silvertwin’s ‘You Only’ – a short and sweet dose of much-needed optimism

Silvertwin are the latest '70's inspired band to bring us a brand new, swirling track, just in time for summer.

'You Only' begins with an upbeat, uplifting, and straightforward instrumental consisting of bright piano chords, twinkling glockenspiel notes, rustic acoustic guitar, a bouncy bassline and sleigh bells that have strong connotations of a certain time of year. 

These things combined make for a pretty intoxicating intro that you can’t help but smile at. The chords themselves aren’t anything out of the ordinary, but the simple nature of the track really works to its advantage.

The first verse starts with layered, harmonised vocals that simultaneously stand out and blend perfectly with the instrumental, keeping the vibe of the track relaxed and happy. The lyrics themselves are a story of companionship or lack thereof; he sings that he’s “out here waiting for a second time/ I’m out here waiting and God only knows why/ It was you only”. This tale of the companionship you’ve been wanting having been right in front of you all along is one as old as time, but here it’s told in such an endearing and positive way that you can very easily look past its somewhat cliché nature.

Following the first verse, we get an instrumental refrain similar to the intro, but embellished with a few synth stabs to flesh it out a bit more. This has a very pleasant tone to it, much like the intro. This is followed by the second verse, filled with the same imagery and themes as the first, and further painting the picture of the singer’s not-so-newfound love. Before the rigidly structured verses overstay their welcome though, we’re met with a welcome refrain, interjecting the track once again with more energy. Following this, the line “I’m out here waiting for a second time” from the first verse is repeated, leading beautifully into an instrumental section in which the acoustic guitar takes the place of the vocals. 

This track just doesn’t give itself a chance to become boring or repetitive; the instrumental is so bright and pleasing to the ear, the lyrics are so endearing, and, above all, the listener is allowed plenty of time to appreciate each of the individual elements of the song. However, despite the execution being great, the band does wear their influences on their sleeves on this track, clearly drawing from The Smiths and The Beatles. With that said, they have all the tools required to make something more ambitious and hard-hitting. Once they carve out their own niche and perfect their unique sound, they’ll be a band that should be on everyone’s radar.

Finn Maccarthy

Instagram: @fxnn_m

Image: Provided by PR

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