Wednesday, May 26, 2021

FAANGS New Single 'I Don't Care' Is Something To Care About

Canadian singer-songwriter FAANGS (aka Charlie) blessed us with her newly released single 'I Don't Care,' alongside stunning visuals. FAANGS has thrived in her art, releasing notable hits like 'RELAPSE,' 'HUH,' and 'RICH KID$' - 'IDC' proves that there is no stopping for her.

'I Don't Care' is just the song we need for our 2021 summer playlist, especially for those newly singles out there. 

It's a fresh and modern pop cut, brimming with ideas of independence, youthfulness, individualism, and happiness.

She perfectly illustrated what not giving a damn looks like with the lyrics, "I make myself some breakfast/ Pour whiskey in my bowl of Trix." While individual experiences may vary, we can all agree that we've done some things that raise eyebrows. Still, if it makes us happy, then the opinions of others have no value.

"I don't need my heart I just need my drugs/And I don't need you I don't give a f*ck."

These lyrics in the chorus are deep and relatable because emotions can be a lot to handle, and you just don't want to feel. You want to live your life without caring, and FAANGS hit the nail on the head by capturing this exact idea in her lyrics.

Taylor Berry
Instagram: @_taylorberry20_


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