Thursday, May 27, 2021

HONEYMOAN return with their new super catchy single, ‘Super Emotional’

The South-African natives have returned with their first single of 2021, ‘Super Emotional’

The Cape Town based alternative-pop band channel their passion for bright, guitar-driven music in this new single through a nostalgic and vintage lens, primarily seen in their artwork. 

The pop-art vibe creates a sense of uniqueness and indicates that the song will be full of bright rhythmic tones and may feature vintage-themed music production methods and instruments. 

The song itself includes a variety of unique musical elements such as the repeated 80’s themed kick and snare pattern that is looped throughout the majority of the track, applying texture and ear candy once the listener progresses throughout its duration. 

The drums themselves are frequently accompanied by distorted rhythm guitar progressions and a punchy bassline in the chorus, creating a hook and an overall enjoyable experience for the listener. Heard before in previous examples of alternative-pop music, like Clairo’s ‘Sofia’, the rhythm guitar acts as the leading instrument and the metronome for the track’s vocals. 


The raw, emotive vocals heard throughout the song offer a different dimension to the listener’s experience. Mixed in the middle of the track with the occasional harmony in both the left and right ear, the vocals add a soft, final touch to the track’s overall feel and structure. They complement the compressed synths and guitar picking patterns and mix to create a comprehensive, serotonin-releasing piece of art. More importantly, the components of this song blend to create an element of fun. The sounds used are quirky, much like the artwork, and reflect the band’s bright character. 


Once again, the group appears to have outshone themselves, leaving us listeners eager for more music in the months to come. It is looking as though 2021 will be a very promising year for this quartet.


Charles Scarrott 

IG: @charleshs_ 

 Image: Provided by PR 


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