Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Raye Robinson is the encapsulation of springtime, with fiery hair and a unique style, and her indie alt-pop debut titled 'Daisies'

You know when you hear a catchy tune and you just can’t get it out of your head? Well that’s called `Earworms’ and I must warn you if you listen to Raye Robinson’s debut single 'Daisies' you run the risk of getting a dose of them! as the song has wormed its way in, becoming easily stuck in my head and is now all I can think about.

A truly beautiful, soul-singing song that will resonate with everybody as it catapults you back to your childhood and that love lost, sitting in a meadow seeking answers from a Springtime daisy…he loves me…he loves me not…he loves me… until only one Petal remains.

Raye reflects on the loneliness one feels after breaking up with someone and the need for solidarity, friendship, and comfort reverting to her childhood and asking  'Daisies' for advice as there seems to be no one left for her but the flowers.

'Daisies' offers an Alice in Wonderland meets Lily Allen theme with quirky imagery that suggests a level of madness and confusion in the song and in the emotions of the singer.

The debut single very much reflects the circular thought patterns that heartbreak inflicts upon people as Daisies serenades the anguish of a broken heart but it is revealed to be broken by Raye’s own hand as she questions her decision to end a relationship. Incongruously set to an upbeat bop she explores the sadness and conflict one feels after a breakup questioning whether he hates her or not and whether she should have allowed herself fly to the sun and risk her “ being burnt” again.

The steady, reliable beat contrasts to the dream-like voice that seems to drift with the emotions of the singer, as the song begins with piano stabs and a strikingly raw but strong voice adding to the wrenching heartache, I don't know about you, but most breakups I have had involved a bucket of tears whilst wallowing in a heartbreaking song as I indulge myself in the misery of it all and Daisies ticks all the boxes, sweet enough to make me smile whilst allowing me to wallow in heartbreak.  As the song progresses, Raye’s voice becomes light, delicate and sweet as the song almost becomes more like an inner dialogue with herself as she detaches from the confusion of her thoughts and embraces the beat of the raw bass and fluorescent chorus, accompanied by a distant piano keeping the energy of her and the song intact.

The Los Angeles based singer gave us a great appetiser for her debut EP 'Crushes & Love Songs' which is due for release later this year but for now, I cannot think of a more appropriate melody for the month of May than the one titled 'Daisies'!

Zarina Dempsey

Instagram: @zarinadempsey

Image: by Instagram photographer Jade Sadler (@jadesdlr)

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