Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Babe Rainbow radiate summer with latest single “Ready for Tomorrow.’

Babe Rainbow’s ‘Ready for Tomorrow’ is one of the first singles available from their newest album, ‘Changing Colours’, released May 14th 2021. From their breakthrough in mid-2010s the band has continued their reputation as the laidback, free-spirited group; feeding a 70’s summer ambience to listeners. They have created a nostalgic component whilst also being futuristic through their use of sounds and visuals, generating a colourful, upbeat vibe.

The vocals are effortless the entire way through, almost like a mumble that jingles through your mind all day long. The continuous jolly guitar riff is the backbone of the feeling that makes you want to move as soon as you hear it. 

This type of groovy strum is a popular component amongst the rest of Babe Rainbow’s other singles such as ‘Zeitgeist’ or ‘Many Moons of Love.’

The video contributes to the romanticism of the 70’s era, a film camera lens providing the untouched, grainy look that works well to keep up with the natural and simplistic forte of the band. The use of this lens creates an idea of watching home videos from summers in the mid-20th century in Western Australia with a hint of the sunny LA glow; making you, as the viewer, feel somewhat sentimental.

Babe Rainbow have continuously succeeded in the art of alternative soft-rock music and have delivered immaculately with this new track. It’s the perfect tune for a drive to the beach with the windows down with an infectious, positive vibe and catchy need-to-dance sound. They resemble an ultra-modern, psychedelic version of the ‘Beach Boys’ especially with this latest single that brings a groove to an album that, so far has a much more chilled out impression.

Changing Colours’ is their first album to be released since 2019. Their exploration into collaborative music has started with ‘Your Imagination’ with Jaden Smith. Hopefully, this won’t be the last time we see them mixing their talents with other artists before their upcoming live shows in 2021. With any luck they will be going international as soon as possible.



Anna Scrimgeour


Image: Babe Rainbow

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