Thursday, May 06, 2021

Joslyn Daniel arrives on the music scene with confessional track Venus-Mars

Upcoming artist Joslyn Daniel has made her musical debut with the beautifully delicate EP, Dreams of Eros. The EP, co-written with Ultraviolet Boy, consists only of 2 songs but reveals some deeply personal moments within those precious 6 minutes.

It’s not easy to recite and relive the details of an unreciprocated crush, but Daniel has boldly confronted this situation head-on with the second track, Venus-Mars.

With the opening lyric, ‘I miss you and we never even dated’, there’s no denying that “Venus-Mars” is a song of longing and yearning for an almost-lover and, admiringly, Daniel is owning everything about it.

What separates “Venus-Mars” from the hundreds of other unrequited love songs out there is that there’s no self-blame or self-pity from Daniels, and no resentment towards her love interest. Instead, Daniel only reminisces on a confusing relationship and asks for clarity, ‘don’t leave it open-ended.’

This almost matter-of-fact perspective on a one-sided crush makes the song refreshingly innocent, and is a welcomed break from the oversaturated world of shady call-out culture and diss tracks.

Daniel draws inspiration from iconic artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Dolly Parton, Paramore, and Kacey Musgraves, and “Venus-Mars” really demonstrates the parallels found between these artists. With heartfelt lyrics, emotively smooth vocals, and gentle instrumentation, the track cleverly combines elements of timeless classics, glazed over with glossy modern-day production.


Musically, the EP places the listener in a dream-like state; hypnotised by the airy textures, ethereal synths and calming melodies, but grounded and engaged with a steady lofi-beat. This soundscape perfectly compliments the reflective nature of the track and acts as a beautiful backdrop for the sentimental scene Daniel describes. 


This electro-pop serenity is reminiscent of artists such as The Japanese House and Phoebe Bridgers. It’s a great indication of just how far Joslyn Daniel could develop as an artist, considering the high standard she’s set herself with this impressive first release.


Rachel Feehan

@rachie_fee @rachel_feehan

Image: Provided by artist


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