Thursday, May 06, 2021

More Good Days Ahead for The Night Café With Release of Their Latest EP

The Night Café lads are back after a year off with some brand-new music, with the release of their latest EP ‘For Better Days’.

The Liverpool-based band are made up of Sean Martin, Josh Higgins, Arran O’Connell Whittle, and Carl Dillon. 

After having finally released an album in 2019 that was packed to the rafters with not only some of their biggest and best tunes from over the years  – they’ve returned with a brand new EP to give us our fresh fix.


With their latest musical offering, they continue to go from strength to strength, delighting us every step of the way.

Starting with ‘Isn’t’, the lead single from the EP, they get off to a flying start. It’s more emotional indie-pop from the band, who really ramp up the pain of another broken relationship as lead singer Sean Martin smashes through the song with lyrical angst against Josh Higgins’ chilled but catchy guitar melodies.


This continues into ‘Think It Over.’ The whine of the guitar alongside a heavy drum beat creates a slow journey through Sean’s tussle with his affection towards someone. ‘Up All Night’ is strong on bass and packs a guitar solo that leads into a cry of ‘Is this all I can see?’ towards the back end of the song, as they once more tug on the heartstrings. To end with, ‘What’s It Feel Like?’ remains a chilled voyage into the depths of the Night Café’s unique take on the indie-pop genre.


One thing about the boys is made even more abundantly clear by their latest EP and that is their blend on this genre is massively different to many other offerings available - melancholy matched with easy listening. It’ll hit you with relaxed vibes and then, before you know it, you’re wiping away the tears.

It’s been a common theme throughout their work so far and it isn’t going to change. And why should it?

The band have managed to encapsulate a sound that makes them wonderfully distinc, nobody has really nailed heartache, love or relationships and the trials and tribulations that come with them in quite the same way that The Night Café have.  

It’s more brilliance from the Liverpool lads and you can’t help but root for them in their songs and in general. Their latest EP continues more of the good work and certainly warrants a listen.

Charlie Gregory


Image: The Night Cafe Official EP Cover


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