Thursday, May 06, 2021

Get Nostalgic with Lee Ford’s new track My Best Friend

Liverpudlian artist, Lee Ford has released his new track, My Best Friend. With a history of performing in multiple bands, Ford is now taking some time out by himself to purely focus on his solo career and completely relish in his own sound and ideas. Taking inspiration from both local artists, The Coral and The La’s and, more famously, Paul Simon, Ford has created an indie-esque sound that he can mould to his own design. 

Aptly titled, Ford’s new track is an ode to his childhood best friend who has stayed by his side over the years and, consequently, is bound to have you thinking about the special people in your own life on first listen.

My Best Friend is almost the equivalent of a drunken conversation with a close friend as the emotions begin to overspill. Not only is this a heartwarming premise for the song, but one which we rarely see discussed in the music industry; as most songs focus more on romantic love, it’s a refreshing and bold stance from Ford to discuss platonic adoration instead. 

My Best Friend’s most notable music feature is the use of gritty electric guitar tones, reminiscent of the bands who famously fronted the UK’s punk era, such as The Buzzcocks and The Sex Pistols. The instrumentation is complemented by Ford’s punctuated and rough-around-the-edges vocals (not dissimilar from Fontaine DC’s vocalist, Grian Chatten, another of Ford’s inspirations), as he details the intricacies of his friendship. These old-school stylistic choices provide the song with a feeling of nostalgia and impressively mirrors Ford’s own thinking as he reflects on his own personal relationships with those dear to him.


This release alone could easily place Ford at any number of Indie Festival line-ups, and with Ford currently working on a new collection of songs and live shows, this is bound to be his new reality once the return of live music arrives. 

Rachel Feehan

@rachiefee @rachel_feehan

Image: Official Single Artwork

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