Thursday, May 27, 2021

Saint Samuel blesses us with self-titled debut EP

Six larger-than-life songs, featuring soaring instrumentation and a baritone voice not often heard in acoustic synth-pop, can be found on Saint Samuel’s newest release. 

From start to finish, the self-titled EP ‘Saint Samuel’ shows the artist to be more than capable of exploring a wide range of emotions. From the anthemic ‘Next To Me’, to the more acoustic pop duet ‘Yabomm’ featuring Ceili Galante, Saint Samuel proves he can skillfully navigate different vibes with a sound that is uniquely his own.

Released on April 30, 2021, the EP arrived just in time to take its rightful place on everyone’s summer playlist. 

The opening track, ‘On A Wire’, contains a driving beat with ethereal vocals that introduce us to the tastefully auto-tuned style heard throughout much of the EP.

From the contained verses to every jamming chorus, Saint Samuel shows that he is just as much a singer as he is a songwriter and producer. A truly refreshing, energetic, and suspenseful opening track.


‘Yabomm’ – an acronym for chorus lyric ‘’You’ll always be on my mind’’ – is a beautiful duet, with melodic guitars that echo the emotions of the vocal line and amplify the sense of distance we hear in the lyrics.
Ceili Galante and Saint Samuel are perfectly matched, complimenting each other and expressing all the desperate longing the song evokes.


While each song is incredible in its own right, highlights include ‘Next To Me’ and ‘This Night Drive’. The first gushes with melody in every part of the song, from the piano line in the verse to the bop of the chorus. It’s a song that will surely make for the perfect soundtrack for the summer.
In contrast, ‘This Night Drive’ paints a floaty evocative image of long drives in the dark whilst offering up a beat that you feel deep in your chest.
The chorus goes straight for your heart, with Saint Samuel’s falsetto accompanied by instrumentation that sounds like a synth-pop painting of the night sky.


Of course, ‘Call Out My Name’ and ‘Friends’ are not to be ignored. ‘Call Out My Name’ shows Saint Samuel’s vulnerability and sensitivity as he sings emotive lyrics, wishing the best to someone at the end of a broken relationship: ‘’I hope you find what you’re looking for.’’


Just as considered but more light-hearted and sentimental, ‘Friends’ is a ballad-like track dedicated to friendships with the people who matter.

It’s safe to say, in every one of the tracks on EP Saint Samuel, I think I’ve found what I’m looking for.


Christian Koller


Image: Saint Samuel EP Cover Artwork 


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