Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Dunluvly is making us feel nostalgic with his insanely catchy new single ‘Too Late'

Mixed with indie-pop yet with a hint of melancholy, Dunluvly treats us to his new track with a great summer feel to it; it is called ‘Too Late.’

Dublin-based singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Dunluvly’s new track ‘Too Late’ is a lot of things, but the main one is fun. From the first notes played you can tell this is going to be a fun little track.

It starts with a dance-like beat that runs throughout, creating a bouncy rhythm to the song. This is paired with the guitars which are finger-picked in Dunluvly’s signature style, creating somewhat of a relaxed and casual feel. All of this is topped off with his unique production methods, really bringing the song together.

Dunluvly’s production style is so unique and something to be admired. With this track, he introduces the instruments gradually and layers them so that they all work with each other and create a thick texture to the song. His use of effects on the guitars brings about a nostalgic sound, which sounds great when mixed with the dance beat giving an overall smooth feeling to the song. It’s even more impressive as Dunluvly played all the instruments on this track himself and when thinking about all the instruments and musical parts and making it all fit, that really takes some talent.

It feels reminiscent of hot summer days, romances, friends, and a past life. Dunluvly has said that that’s what he was trying to do (and succeeded in doing) when writing this song.

In a press release, he said: “This track is one that I’ve always gone back to when I’m traveling or road tripping. I wrote the first half of the song in Vancouver a few years ago and finished it this past summer. To me, it captures the feeling of this summer and was a soundtrack to escaping Dublin to go camping for weeks on and off. The song was written in between those trips. It has that nostalgic, road trip sound, and is about that feeling of excitement leading up to a journey.”

This new track really is something special and it’s great for just chilling out to or like Dunluvly said: Road tripping to. This is definitely one to be spinning all summer long.

 Louis Suffill
Instagram: @louis_suffill
Image: Official Single Artwork

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