Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Distopia are ‘Healing’ on their new single

‘Healing’ is the latest single from Westchester, New York trio, Distopia. The band (Alex Silver – guitar/vocals, John Marc Degaard – drums and Jason Robins – bass) formed in early 2020 and reportedly have already put together 20 songs in their short time together, ahead of their upcoming debut LP.

“Since my parents’ divorce, I’d write songs almost daily to deal with everything going on in my life at the time. Things weren’t easy for me while I was growing up. My biggest songwriting inspirations are John Lennon and Kurt Cobain, which definitely shows in my music” says frontman and Frost School of Music alumni Alex Silver, about his early influences and inspiration.

With regards to ‘Healing’, he’s absolutely right. Built around a twangy, arpeggiated guitar riff underpinned by a tight rhythm section, melodic bassline and a punchy beat, the song owes a lot to the verse-bridge-chorus-verse-bridge-chorus-middle eight-chorus pop-sensible song structure that served all three bands so well.

Further cues are taken in the simple approach to songwriting. “I hear no screaming anymore / I see no bleeding any more… I think I’m healing some more” sings Silver over a Beatles-esque 7th chord refrain. The song gives way to a melodic break at the song's midway point, with soaring “oohs and aahs” before Silver comes back in over the top, delivering the chorus once more in the gravelly howling style of his aforementioned grunge hero.

Silver, the principal songwriter of the group, has found himself the perfect creative partners in Degaard and Robins – a rhythm section that he can rely upon to fill out the sound that his guitar playing style needs, with Robins really shining through as a melodic foil, in particular on the track’s middle-eight section.

With an album due for release sometime this summer, and a retro-nostalgic pop-rock sound, Distopia could be set for big things once we return to a live setting. 

Danny Kilmartin

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Image: Provided by Distopia


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