Monday, May 03, 2021

Antifolk Hero have arrived with their Debut Single, Colours

The Sheffield-based alt-rock band, Antifolk Hero,have released their exciting debut single Colours. It is absolutely worth your time… and then some more! For a first release, their track is incredibly strong and self-assured. 

Colours was recorded at 2fly Studios and produced by Alan Smyth, who has worked with some of Sheffield’s most successful bands and artists. 

2fly Studios have previously welcomed bands, such as Arctic Monkeys and Reverend & the Makers, through their doors to record some of the most iconic music! So, if Colours is anything to go by, then Antifolk Hero is well on their way to following in the footsteps of those before them. 


Their sound is almost indescribable – it is characterised by influences from a variety of artists, all melded together. Antifolk Hero’s two most obvious influences are Muse and Radiohead, but even then, they still maintain an individual spin on their sound. The guitar riffs echo the laid-back moments on Muse’s album ‘Butterflies and Hurricanes’. The lead vocalist, Sim Smith, offers a strong performance, guiding the listener with powerful and impassioned vocals. Smith is backed by swirling guitars and driving drums; provided by bandmates Ewan Knight (lead guitarist), Daniel Oram (bassist and backing vocals) and Jimmy Ridgway (drummer).


Colours instantly grabs your attention with a lone guitar, creating a sense of anticipation for the development of the track, and for the other instruments to kick in. Once they do, they enhance the initial guitar riff, which continues to drive the song. 


Sim’s lyrics deliver an engaging story that is almost reflective of the journey of the song’s instrumentals. The lyrics that stand out for me are, “She looked him straight in the eye and she said this is what it means to fly” – this perfectly encapsulates how the song makes you feel; hopeful, despite the sombre tone of the instruments. 


According to the quartet, Colours is the first of several recent recordings that they plan to release over the next few months. So, if I were you, I’d keep an eye out for their upcoming releases... if they are anything like their debut single, then we are all in for a treat! 


Matthew Codd, @matt_codd

Antifolk Hero, @antifolk_hero

Image: Provided by Antifolk Hero

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