Friday, April 30, 2021

Vice Killer Release Swaggering New Single “Alone, in This World”

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 last spring, several artists still find themselves in a creative rut as live venues across the globe continue to indefinitely close their doors. However, there have been instances in which a silver lining occurs, as artists work to seek out new opportunities to remain creative. For some musicians, so much time at home has been both a curse and a small blessing in disguise. 

The artist highlighted in this review is a prime example of what this silver lining can enable. In 2020, amidst the most chaotic points of the COVID-19 pandemic, the indie alternative band Vice Killer was born. Hailing out of County Durham, England, Vice Killer was formed by long-time friends, Thomas Gilling, James Langan, Jack Langan, and Lewis Muir.

During the first major lockdown in the spring of 2020, lead vocalist and guitarist Thomas Gilling began writing songs to pass the time, before bringing in lead guitarist James Langan for collaboration. After eventually recruiting Langan’s brother, Jack Langan (also of the band “Great Waves”), and drummer Lewis Muir, they found themselves with a complete lineup. Despite live performances being completely inaccessible due to coronavirus, the newly formed group continued to find ways to remain productive and released their debut single “Commonplace” last December. 

Their recent follow-up single “Alone, in This World”, directly confronts the incessant feeling of bleakness that had been rampant throughout the year. “The year had tested everyone in different ways'' says Gilling. “I wanted to portray the loneliness of the world today.”

This song is absolute ear candy for any fans of groups like the Arctic Monkeys, The Smiths, and Talking Heads. The track opens with a glistening, clean lead guitar line slightly reminiscent to that of Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven”, before quickly shifting into a steady, pulsing beat that takes the reins of the track’s direction and moves it forward with an effortless swagger. 

The reintroduction of an arpeggiated lead guitar line in the first verse livens the track, allowing it to explode into its chorus, in which Gilling hopelessly croons out the line “We’re alone, alone in this world” before sliding into the song’s second verse. 

Overall, the song consists of a very strong instrumental, featuring solid and noteworthy performances from each member individually. The track ends as a juicy and memorable groove that leaves you wanting more. 

With clever lyrics, smooth vocals, and catchy instrumentation, “Alone, in This World” creates an auditory aesthetic that screams, “Put on your leather jacket and your best pair of sunglasses. Let’s strut on down to the nearest smoky jazz bar and we can talk through our depression.” And honestly, what more could one want? 

Addison Rider


Image: Anthony Carr

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