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‘Romance and Adolescence’ EP is a true reflection of love, heartbreak and friendship.

The Glaswegian pop duo had originally met at university when studying to become actors and began to embark on a new journey collaborating together in the music world.  Suddenly, Pretty Preachers Club was born- with a band name THAT good, it’s hard not to get excited by their first introduction.  

Their first releases gained a lot of attention from music fans and after hours of experimentation in their put-together studio, the singles ‘Going Nowhere Fast’, ‘Think About U’, and ‘Gap in My Teeth’ gained over 70k streams on Spotify.  

Pretty Preachers Club are new to the music scene but it hasn’t stopped them from getting properly stuck in, the EP features some violin and electric guitar (to name a few). The band has been quoted as: “One of the most exciting acts to come out of BBC Introducing”, with their confidence and ability to trial new sounds, it brings their music to a whole new level of originality and playfulness at such early stages in their musical career. 

‘Drive’ begins softly with an organ gently playing, resembling a church-like sound. When the vocals begin, it feels as though the lyrics are honest, as though we are being confessed to which also feels symbolic considering the initial impression. The single is a burst of emotion that has been built up for far too long. Many of us find ourselves feeling alone, especially in a world where social media is used by millions; ‘Drive’ triggers those thoughts and allows us to question what is really important in life by opening up and letting those emotions out. The song uses synth which also gives off an 80’s-inspired sound.  

‘Love in London’ explores the idea of unrequited love and painful heartbreak. The painful reality hits you when realising that the person that you admire and hold in such high regard, does not feel the same way. The words are written with the unrequited feeling truly present, ‘I want this night to last, so I can make the most of feeling close to you’ and ‘It is there no way to feel the same? ‘Love in London’ has a more indie style as it features more of a guitar range and drums. The record is truly relatable and holds a mirror up to heartbreak in its rawest form. 

You can listen to ‘Romance and Adolescence’ on Spotify and other streaming platforms.   

Hannah Bray

Twitter: HannahLouiseBr8

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Image credit: Official Pretty Preachers Club EP Album Cover

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