Friday, April 30, 2021

Grab your popcorn for Raine Emily’s ‘songs for an indie movie’ EP

Now is a very exciting time for indie music fans, with the emergence of a multitude of new female talent in what is mostly a male-dominated scene.

Raine Emily, an indie artist from Vancouver, BC, has certainly made her place with her new four-track EP ‘songs for an indie movie’. Recorded at producer Myles Henry-Bain’s home studio during the COVID-19 pandemic, the EP is worlds away from the current climate, transporting listeners into the world of a coming-of-age indie movie. 

The tracks are based on the singer’s own experiences, covering topics ranging from fuck boys and loneliness to love and friendship. 

Raine’s voice blends beautifully with a dreamy acoustic guitar on the opening track ‘please return to owner’ - a song about losing your mind and pushing people away, lines like “Where is my head? Probably in the gutter, hanging on by a thread,” are overflowing with emotion. This first offering sets the tone for the lingering melancholy atmosphere running throughout the EP. 

A much rockier sound comes in with the introduction of an electric guitar on ‘damn! the grim reaper is cute’, a super catchy anthem about falling for edgy skater boys. Full of ready-for-Tumblr lyrics like “He likes that I’m dead inside, told me that makes me qualified”, Emily pokes fun at the faux-edginess of fuck boys. Although lyrically more light-hearted than the previous track, she is still able to incorporate a darker sound, tying this song nicely into the rest of the EP. 

'Daisy chains’, is an enticingly dreamy song about embracing loneliness. With a more R’n’B sound to it - Raine has cited Rex Orange County as one of her key musical inspirations. Her hazy vocals stand out on this track in particular, creating a haunting, moody aura.

The EP ends on ‘goodnight from a wallflower’, which is notably more positive. Despite being somewhat bittersweet, an ode to moving on from heartbreak, it offers a hopeful ending. Perfect for a coming-of-age movie soundtrack,  it seems that Emily’s indie venture has a somewhat happy ending – with the line ‘here’s my love letter to me’ bringing the EP to a close. A joyous celebration of self-love.

Raine's sonic creations are reminiscent of the signature ‘sad girl’ sound championed by artists like Clairo and Phoebe Bridgers. However, it is clear that Raine is confident in having found her own original sound - she embraces the bedroom pop genre, with her down-to-earth sound complimented by soundbites from the studio at the end of ‘damn! the grim reaper is cute’, making the EP feel even more personal.

Full of potential and promise, we can't wait to see what the future holds for Raine Emily.

Saskia Norman

Instagram: @saskiaxena 

Photo credits: Raine Emily ‘songs for an indie movie’ Official Cover 

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