Friday, April 09, 2021

The Pale White’s 'That Dress' revamp: spunky, but could be spunkier.

Listening to the 2016 demo version of ‘That Dress’, you can almost smell the sweat from a ‘vodka water bottle’ fuelled, teenage mosh pit. It’s raw and fun, and there’s something quite nostalgic about it’s intro and repetitive lyrics. Queue 2021, where we have the "grittier" re-record of their hit, signalling the debut album of this gorgeous Geordie trio.

Listening to the two tracks back-to-back, you can definitely hear a more mature and collected Adam Hope. The bass is heavier and richer, and it’s been beautifully reworked to feel like a new beginning for the band. Even the 8 second build-up at the start of the track feels more edgy, and collected in its approach. Frankly, they don't feel the need to jump straight in with the mosh pits anymore.

Yet, for me, it could have gone a step further; if anything, it feels like a toned down, more commercial Slaves (which makes sense when The Pale White’s recent single 'Medicine' was produced by Jolyon Thomas: the mastermind behind Slaves’ ‘Are You Satisfied?’). They could have made it even rockier and added more oomph into the record rather than piggybacking off the tune they released five years ago.

Having said that, a huge kudos is due for the accompanying music video. For anyone that hasn’t seen it, it follows three brides in balaclavas (which I assume represent each of the boys) as they commit various heists over the city. They use flowers as guns, and eventually break into a dance routine with the policemen who were chasing them. As a potential nod to femininity, and its undeniably dangerous power, the video is a mad delight.  In a lot of ways, I’m shocked it is in fact a debut album. Not only do their singles have a clear sound, which is normally found with a couple of albums under an artist’s belt, but they also have presence. I also can’t seem to get the chorus out of my head, which is perhaps all you ever need from an indie rock band. 

The upcoming album, Infinite Pleasure, due to be released on April 23rd, is sure to live up to its name.

Leah Montebello

Instagram: leahellllo

Image: From The UK, The Pale White, Alternative-Rock Music Band — PhotoBook Magazine

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