Friday, April 09, 2021

A 'Rainbow' of Hope in Tillerman's New Single

Strongly becoming rising contenders in the Leeds underground music scene, two brothers and their workmates took the plunger and formed a band through a mutual passion for 60s and 70s music - and boy did they make the right decision. 

The band is made up of Jon (lead vocals and rhythm guitar) and Tom Kulczycki (backing vocals and drums), Shaun Mallia (lead guitar), and Iain Moyser (bass guitar). 

A natural hiatus led the band to develop their sound and to find maturity, forming what we now know as Tillerman. Their first EP Gathering was released in 2019 and offers a unique take on the past 70 years of music.

An upbeat bop, their latest single ‘Rainbow’ fits right into a niche genre - with a Scottish sound to it, it reminds me of other artists such as The View or Gerry Cinnamon. 

Citing influences such as Fleetwood Mac and Oasis - their take on classic brit-pop and rock is ever-present through their use of simplistic yet old-timey musical composition, with backing vocals that offer a modern take on sonically induced nostalgia. Their Beatles inspired accompanying visuals lend a beautiful take on the larger-than-life stylistic choices - making this release as much a cinematic feat as it is audibly.

Lyrically, Tillerman have written an extended metaphor of a song - the use of the 'Rainbow' to show the transition between love and loss is unique and insightful, whilst representing the dullness of a stale relationship, with the fading of feelings. Yet, the repetition of the chorus implies there is still hope to regain all of the colours that was once there. 

Weather is, after all, ever-changing.

Lead vocalist Jon Kulczycki has said, ‘We are one of only a few guitar bands writing great songs and one of the few that can produce a chorus!’ and, to be honest, he is not wrong. I have a feeling that Tillerman will sneak up on us all and get their earworms stuck in our heads. 

Hopefully, they’ll be gracing our stages in the not too distant future.


Listen here.

Cat Caie 


 Image: Provided by PR

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