Friday, April 09, 2021

Tate McRae’s EP, “Too Young to Be Sad” has met our expectations and more!

“Too Young to Be Sad” is introduced to us through the first track, “Bad Ones”, a deep song, relatable to many, about attracting the wrong kind of person, a person with bad intentions. With her catchy music and youthful lyrics, it’s certain to win over young audiences.

I keep falling for the bad ones, the always make me sad ones,
trying hard to hold my ground but it always ties me down, yeah,
the bad ones, way too good at falling for the bad ones.’

The repetition throughout the track provides emphasis on how this experience is a ‘forever cycle’, one ‘bad one’ after another, it’s never-ending. 


The second song on the EP is “Rubberband”, a catchy track that is full of imagery and revolves around missing a person who’s had such an impact on her life that although she’s trying to forget, she can’t seem to get the person out of her head.


“Slower”, the third track on this EP, is one of the highlights due to the sheer honesty of the lyrics. 


I’ve been falling fast and you don’t seem to move,
but is it worse for me, if I tell the truth?
And are you just a poison that I shouldn’t use,
wish I could say to you, what I can’t say to you.’

It’s personal and gives us insight into how Tate is feeling regarding this other person.  


“Slower”, is a great introduction to “r u ok?” And the incredible, “You Broke Me First.” 


“R u ok?” Is a great insight into broken ‘relationships’ that end with ‘giving space’ as the only option. 


“You Broke Me First”, follows on from “R u ok?” with a sense of closure to the relationship, due to the other person acting insensitively. Tate realised her worth.


‘I know you, you’re like this.
When s**t doesn’t go your way,
You needed me to fix it and like me, I did.
But I ran out of every reason.’

This song has been her most notable claim to fame. 


Lastly, the heavily nostalgic track, “Wish I Loved You in the 90’s” is about falling in love at the wrong place and the wrong time. It brings her record to its conclusion and its close.  


This EP is full of heartfelt lyrics and imagery and allows people to connect on an experiential level, most notably the younger generation. Tate has proven with this record that she has what it takes to become a star. With her relatable lyrics, music, and imagery, she’s sure to go far.


Hallie Fletcher 

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