Saturday, April 10, 2021

Hotel California: Some Of You Remember Me Like This

Imagine this. It's a perfect summer day, breeze flowing through your hair, the sun beating down with plentiful rays and you can smell the blooming summer air, static and calm below a crystal clear blue sky. You turn on the radio and on creeps a song to exquisitely complement the occasion and fills the air in a beautiful fashion. 

"Feel the air! Feel the breeze! /

Join me on my walk I long to speak with you"

Some Of You Remember Me Like This, opens jangly and sweet, and carries off in a fittingly delicate manner with lush vocals and graceful guitar flourishes. The creator? Hotel California.

Synonymous with the hit track by Eagles, Hotel California is the solo Americana-Esque project launched by Daniel Green, now residing in a small town in Europe. 

Starting in January 2021, Green began releasing a single tri-weekly from a collection of tracks telling his own unique perspective of the world around him and focuses on the positives despite the events that the last 12 months have forced everyone to endure.

Coming in at just over three minutes, this delicate and wholesome track is full of sweet harmonies and meaningful lyrics that induce longing and nostalgia for pre-pandemic days, which will hopefully return not too far in the future. 

"Garden time with kids and friends. Stay a while stay here my friend./

 I was lonesome. Now I’m hopeful some of you remember me like this"

With apparent influences such as Pixies and Neil Young, Hotel California add their own twist to a classic folk-pop sound to create an entirely unique and spell-binding atmosphere to their music, which has unsurprisingly amalgamated them a dedicated following on Spotify.

Some Of You Remember Me Like This acts as the third track from Hotel California's upcoming album, written entirely around the people in Green's life and the different personalities he encounters.

Keep your eyes peeled for new music appearing imminently.

Lana Williams


Image: Provided by PR

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