Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Take The Time To Breathe with Greta Svabo Bech

Faroese singer-songwriter Greta Svabo Bech has returned with her newest single since 2019 in the form of Breathe. Bech has travelled across the world, picking up a wealth of knowledge that has provided her with a variety of influences throughout her music. 

Breathe is a demonstration of Bech’s clear talent and skill as a musician, and acts as a masterclass in creating an incredible song without throwing everything and the kitchen sink at it. 

The track feels like it couldn’t have come at a better time after the experiences of the global pandemic because we all need a little moment to breathe in our lives. 

Bech has created a moment for listeners, allowing them to step back and have a moment. With the combination of simple vocals and guitars, the song is somewhat ethereal in its sound with the angelic and soft tones of Bech’s voice and the gentle background guitar. The song is guaranteed to fill listeners with peace and tranquillity. 


The music video to accompany the song is nothing short of breath-taking, with its simplicity and beauty; it is the perfect accompaniment to the song. It begins with an opening shot from underneath the water with nothing but the waves to be seen before the shot rises to the surface of the sea. The clip then cuts between a variety of shots that seem almost chaotic and busy as we see clips of Bech from behind standing on the beach. Next comes rolling shots of landscapes and a partial shot of her face all in a matter of seconds, then we hear the sound of a breath, and the song begins. 


As the song starts, the rolling aerial shots continue with snow-covered mountains and hilltops, snowy fields and the beautifully calm-looking sea, and the empty beach alongside it. There are shots of the untouched and empty landscapes, that are interwoven with clips of Bech walking through these same landscapes and then we get the addition of clips of her sitting alone in a room with her guitar.  


In the clips of Bech in the room, we see only her bottom half in shot, sitting cross legged on a bed playing a guitar which seemingly covers most of her body. The shot focus on her lips and chin once she begins to sing . Whilst the room clip seems to be a slight contrast to the rest of the video, the pieces are still connected. A simple background setting of a bed, a guitar and a plant on top of a window opens out extending to the snowy, hilltop landscape visible through the window. 



As the video draws to a close there is a reversal of clips; animals walking in the landscapes and Bech’s wandering body seem to be moving backwards. The clips pick up the pace, similar to the beginning of the song. It almost feels as if there is an acknowledgment of the chaos of the world and the chaotic nature of life. For a little while this song provides respite from the chaos and allows for the world to slow down for a moment. It could also be seen as a comment on the importance of taking the time to breathe and that if we remember to take the time to stop and to breathe we can slow down the chaos for just a little while. 


The Breathe video has taken the song and captured its essence through a visual embodiment. The natural purity of the song has been turned into a viewing experience for fans; there are no fancy gimmicks and no over-the-top sounds in the song or video. With the song comprising of just Bech’s vocals and her guitar, it takes its power and its beauty from its stripped back and simple composition which is also reflected in the video. Just as the stripped-back sound of the song makes it powerful, the video does just the same; Bech shows the beauty of her voice and talent by showing it in a pure form, this is mirrored in the video with the visual aid of what could be considered beauty’s purest form – nature. 


Breathe is a 2 minute and 51-second soundscape of stillness, purity, and escapism that allows listeners to cleanse their mind, body, and soul of everything that isn’t positivity, serenity, and relaxation. If you’re in need of a moment's rest, or just looking for the opportunity to stop and to take the breather, then look no further, put your headphones in or turn your speaker up and take the time to just relish in Bech’s soothing sanctuary. 


Georgina Shine


Image - Official Single Cover Artwork

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