Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Dance Lessons Simplify Modern Relationships In New Single ‘Just Chemistry’

‘Just Chemistry’ is the third single to be released from London-based pop band, Dance Lessons. Following on from earlier releases, ‘Smabto’, and ‘New Job’ in 2020, ‘Just Chemistry’ first connected to our ears on April 9th 2021. 

Formed by the trio of Ann, Nat and Tom, Dancing Lessons’ groovily artistic and retro aesthetic pairs extremely well with their crisp and modern musical styling. 

The band describes itself as “serrated pop” and their new release prompts a clear-cut insight into modern relationships. 

The new track neatly incorporates the bands’ persona into a delicate ebb and flow of modern and ethereal melody.  Featuring the same layered saxophone as ‘Smatbo’, ‘Just Chemistry’ honors the band’s unique sound.


The single itself casts a fascinating lens onto modern relationships. Not a song about heartfelt break-ups, but more so a track signifying the uncomplication of previously complex and heartbreaking emotions. 

With lyrics such as, “Hey, tell your friends / It’s all in the smoke / In-between the empty nights”, the single moves into the spaces between the human interactions that we like to call true romantic love.


These sentiments are solidified within the ending of the chorus lines, “I’m not your enemy / We are just chemistry”, displacing stereotypical romantic visions of connection as just a simple chemical reaction between two individuals. 

A persistent drumbeat, and tenderly smooth, velvety guitar lines reinforce the romanticism of these ideas - both dissolving starkly through its pointedly direct lyricism.  


Combined with Ann’s beautifully delicate vocals, this track appropriately demonstrates an enticing and alternative approach to modern love and relationships. The single speaks of the essence of romantic love as ‘Just Chemistry’ between individuals, succinctly coating reality over emotion.  


With an instantly recognisable image, sound, and female-fronted prowess, we look forward to seeing Dance Lessons evolve around their distinctive strengths. 

Sophie Wilson


Image: Dance Lessons ‘Just Chemistry’ Official Album Cover

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