Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Atomic Bronco’s sonically-diverse 'Cruel' teases more to come ahead of Spectrum EP

On April 20th, Atomic Bronco released the newest single, titled Cruel, from their upcoming Spectrum EP.

This track hits the listener right from the start, with an attitude and groove that immediately makes one feel like a rebel who can’t help but want to hear more. Beginning with acoustic guitar in the verses, the listener will be drawn into what eventually melds into a grungier, more classic rock chorus.

Atomic Bronco (a.k.a. Kyle Nuss) sings with a charmingly laid-back style that lends to the songs ‘I don’t care’ attitude, with a chorus saying, “Well, I’m cruel like no other, test me and see, you’ll never find another meaner than me. I’ll lie right through a smile, don’t be surprised.”

Nuss, the producer, singer-songwriter, creator, and sole member of Atomic Bronco, puts lofi-inspired vocals over the indie/alternative accompaniment, showcasing an innovative example of the spectrum of sound to be expected in the rest of the EP.

If the choruses weren’t enough for one to rock to (although I really doubt there was any trouble there), the distorted guitar solos are bound to make the listener move with the energy that crackles above the surface of the song, persuading one to nod their head to the beat and feel the tension of the sophisticated ebbs and flows within the melodic line.

Cruel is a refreshing new take on classic and alternative rock sensibilities. I’m not lying through my smile when I say I’m excited to see what Atomic Bronco comes up with this summer.

Atomic Bronco’s Spectrum EP releases June 1.

Christian Koller
Image: Provided by Artist

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