Saturday, April 24, 2021

'Just a School Boy looking for answers’: The search for identity in Jack Frohlich’s latest EP ‘Silver Going Grey’

Hot off the heels of his latest single ‘School Boy’, Birmingham’s latest talent, Jack Frohlich, dropped his ‘Silver Going Grey’ EP in March. Owing to a background appreciation of jazz theory and a real drive to make waves in the bedroom indie pop-rock scene, Jack’s five-track bundle is an exciting blend of energetic teenage angst and a more complex confrontation with the trials and tribulations of youth.

The EP kicks off with ‘Colouring Lines’ which stands as a metaphor for not quite fitting in. This opening track is a tale of estrangement, disillusionment, and a real testimony to Jack’s poetic lyricism. 

A subtle ability to blend a swinging jazz rhythm with a melancholic theme is where Frohlich’s musical flair really shines through. He continues to push the ‘bright and breezy tones’ of his track ‘Superhero’, through catchy hooks and vibrant guitar leads (Charlie Ashcroft, Amazing Radio). As the track progresses, the drums become rawer and integrate ad-lib fills, giving it a relaxed and improvised feel that captures the honesty and relatability of the EP.

Jack tackles several issues with coming of age and trying to find oneself in the ‘maze’ of adult life, as we see in track number two. ‘Goldilocks’ is a short and sweet story of unrequited love and the uncertainties of pursuing interests over the phone, a scenario most are all too familiar with over the past year.

Similar anxieties are expressed in ‘You have yourself’ which packs a simple yet poignant message about isolation and putting on a brave face while ‘everyone is having the time of their lives’. 

While Jack is widely recognised as drawing inspiration from the likes of Declan Mckenna and Rex Orange County, the jangly guitar and dreamy tempo of these tracks will resonate with fans of Gus Dapperton, Peach Pit, and other bedroom indie icons. 

On the whole, the EP speaks to a state of limbo most young adults deal with as they take on the big wide world but rarely openly discuss. Jack’s well-received singles ‘School Boy’ and ‘Superhero’ mark a departure from his earlier releases and are the upbeat indie anthems this summer demands, whilst avoiding the tendency in this genre to push cliché lyrics. They come with a quite unique ability to exhilarate young listeners through a lively sound and yet leave pertinent questions about what lies ahead in their lives. 

For all those ‘not sure how to live life to its fullest’, Jack’s final track comes with the reassurance that the journey can be rocky but you’re not alone!


Oliver Hockings


Image: Provided by artist

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