Saturday, April 24, 2021

'The Lonely Together' Are Wading Through Uncharted Waters With New Single ‘Dark Water.’

The Lonely Together are back with ‘Dark Water,’ one of the lead singles from their highly-anticipated debut LP ‘Everything Viewed Backwards Through The Rearview Mirror.’ 

The trio – comprised of vocalist Mike Baillie, David Calder, and Matthew Casey - have been MIA since the release of Congregation back in 2015, meaning it’s been just over five years since we last heard from the alt-rockers. Despite the release of a multitude of singles and EPs, there’s been no album and no trace of any new music – until now. 

It may have been a long time coming but good things come to those who wait, and this has certainly rung true here...


The song itself is a far cry from some of their older work. It’s a piece of work that blares and begs to be heard by all. Lead singer Mike Baillie roars into earshot with some blistering vocals from the off, sounding frantic in his utterance of each lyric. The guitar only emphasises this further with its electrifying riffs from the outset, whilst aided by a backdrop of searing synths (and a smattering of tambourine to boot). 


The lyrics themselves tell a story of desperation. This isn’t a tale of love and romance but of pressure and fear. Baillie belts out a ballad pure of betrayal, as he begs ‘don’t push me in the water’ and ‘don’t come down any harder’ to anyone who will hear him.  


It all comes together to provide a dream rock tune that is determined not to get washed away into the ocean. It doesn’t need to worry about that one here though, as it’s a song that won’t be forgotten in a hurry. The hooks are catchy and the chorus is memorable and will stay engrained in your memory long after you’ve listened. 


It’s loud, it’s bold and it’s bursting with energy – and it’s a sign of promising things to come from the Edinburgh-based band. 


Charlie Gregory 


Image: Provided by artist

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