Friday, April 23, 2021

A year and a half since the release of their debut album, FEET are back with new single ‘Peace and Quiet’

A year and a half since the release of their debut album ‘What’s inside is more than just ham’ and ahead of their new EP ‘Walking Machine’, FEET have released new single ‘Peace and Quiet’  giving us a little taste of what’s to come.

The quintet, formed of frontman George Haverson, Guitarists Callum Parker and Harry Southern, bassist Oli Shasha and drummer Ben Firth, seem to have spent the past year redefining their sound and confirming what it is they want to get out of 2021. 

With FEET what you see is what you get, they aren’t trying to hide behind any over complicated guitar solos or drum beats and they certainly aren’t trying to fit within the parameters of one genre.

While their music holds some similarities to that of post-punk, with the experimental melodies and vocals, they are by no means, as Haverson explains “a post-punk band”, and this is exactly what I love about them, they aren’t trying to be anything other than FEET. 

'Peace and Quiet' for me is the perfect track to kick off the release of ‘Walking Machine’, it establishes their sound and who they are as a band perfectly. With a slight political undertone, the song hints at things like the closing of independent music venues, something the band wish to see growing in 2021. While the current climate has had a negative effect on the music industry and a whole, it’s the grassroots venues that rely on bands like FEET that have suffered the most, and I think this song is a way of bringing this to our attention. 

What also works well with this song, is the way all of the elements work to compliment each other. The guitar follows any changes in vocals, which adds a great deal of depth to the song. One of my favourite parts is when the guitars and bass cut out and it's just the drums and Haverson’s vocals, this allows for his lyrics to stand out, maybe suggesting this is something he wants people to hear loud and clear. 

I personally can’t wait to see what else FEET have to offer in 2021, definitely ones to catch on tour.

Catherine Frediani


Image: FEET- Peace and Quiet Official Single Cover (PRESS)

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