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INTERVIEW: It’s always a pleasure with Queen’s Pleasure

Amsterdam-based 4-piece Queen’s Pleasure has a sound that merges a variety of sonic influences; some of which include garage rock, psychedelia, and indie, together creating what has become the band’s unique sound.

The band has recently released their new EP "Panic From Dublin", quite simply a must-listen for music lovers no matter what your taste. "Panic From Dublin" has a sound that will leave listeners coming back again and again. With its combination of sound styles and the band’s own magic touch, there’s a special something about the new EP that is bound to make it a hit for listeners new and old. 

Following the release of their single "Alex Sender" and their new EP "Panic From Dublin", I got a chance to catch up with Queen’s Pleasure and talk about all things music and what the future holds for the band.

You recently released your new single "Alex Sender", could you give us a bit of background to the song and its origins? 


Teun (guitar): It started with me trying to rip off the chord progression from John Frusciante’s Going Inside. When I brought it to the band, it quickly turned into a groovy, zingy little number that has a beautifully melodic chorus. The way the bass and the drums interact with the guitar is something that I would have never written myself but turned out awesome. 


Jurre (vocals): When we talk about lyrics, I wrote them while working in a bar. I saw a lot of people who were so self-obsessed and so full of themselves that I first really didn’t like the people. But each time I observed them I found them cooler and cooler and there was a point where I wanted to be one of them. I wanted to prove to them that I could be funny, cool, and nice, but I soon found out that those people were not friendly at all. And with that feeling in mind, the lyrics kinda wrote themselves. 


For people out there who may not be familiar with you, how would you best describe yourselves and your music? 


We are four friends who grew up with each other and love each other to the moon and back and will go to great lengths to write the best pop songs we can. 

In the end, the music turns out to be highly energetic and youthful rock music with a singer that sounds like he’s from the UK. Reminiscent of bands like Blur, The Smiths, and The Who.  


You also have your new EP which has just been released, can you give us a little insight into what fans can expect from it? 


The EP really is a summary of our last 5 years playing in a band. We wrote a lot of songs during that time and I think the EP really reflects the paths we've taken musically. But if COVID-19 wouldn’t have happened we would have released our debut record already and the EP is a little teaser for the upcoming album.

One thing we can tell you is that if you enjoy our EP, you’re really gonna enjoy our debut record even more. 


Do you each have a favourite track from the EP and if so which track? 


Teun: We always seem to like the last thing we made the most so our favourite would automatically be the title track, “Panic from Dublin". As artists, we take progressing and developing our sound very seriously so the most recent thing we did is usually the thing we love the most. 


Jurre: I think it is “Panic from Dublin”, I love how it turned from a really personal bad experience into a song I really really love. I’m proud of what we accomplished and how we grew during those tough times.


How did you find the recording process for the EP? Was it any different from your usual recording process?


Teun: We record the basic tracks live except for the vocals. Which is the way we have always done it. We never play with a click track either. Then we turn to vocals which is always a real joy because Jurre is such an awesome and highly trained singer. When those are recorded I get to go crazy with additional guitars, synths, Mellotron, and samples. 


Jurre: The recording process was kind of weird because we recorded I think 3 of the 4 songs in England including the title track. It was a shame we couldn’t finish it all in England but COVID-19 also made us write some other really cool songs.


Where did you find your inspiration for your newest content? 


Teun: Musically, it comes from listening to a ton of different types of music, learning new concepts of harmony, and figuring out songs by ear on guitar. For example, I analysed a Bach fugue the other day. A week later I sat down with Jurre to write a chorus to a new song. I immediately started thinking of ways I could incorporate some chordal concepts I learned from Bach. 


Jurre: When we try to write a new song we know in the first 10 seconds if it’s gonna work out or not. When we feel that specific feeling, the inspiration just keeps on coming, and for the lyrics, I just write what feels right, you know? I just look at the lyrics and it just feels right. The inspiration keeps on coming until it stops. I’m kinda scared it might stop sometime, but hopefully, with some new experiences this summer it will keep on coming.


With the release of your EP is that something you're likely to pursue further or can fans expect an album from you anytime soon? 


Teun: As I said earlier, the EP is a teaser for our debut record that we just finished recording. 


Jurre: We really like the old-fashioned idea of a whole album you know, so we always try to make great albums. 


Are there any plans to play live in the near future with perhaps a tour announcement coming up? 


We’re gonna plan a club tour as soon as possible. We also have a lot of festival dates planned but there’s a likely chance they’re gonna get canceled because of COVID-19. We’re not sure of anything right now in terms of playing live. But hopefully, we’ll be back in England in no time.


If you could do a collaboration with any artist out there right now who would you like to work with? 


Teun: For me, that would definitely be Rosy Parlane or Christian Fennesz. Those guys are masters of a thing I like to call “manipulation of sound.” Very inspiring. 


Jurre: I really listen a lot to Baxter Dury lately so it would be great to do a collaboration with him. I really like his lyrics and I love how bizarre, funny, and cool they are. Also, I just think he’s a really clever lad.


What’s next for you guys in terms of going forward and the future of the band? 


Teun: We’re going to continue progressing and developing as a band. Writing new songs, playing live (if possible), and recording as much as possible. Hopefully, many great albums and we’d love to have a future on the asphalt.

Georgina Shine 


Image: Paul Bellaart

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