Friday, April 30, 2021

Alfie Templeman proves he can master any sound with Chill-hop influenced single ‘One More Day’

18-year-old Bedfordshire native indie-pop singer/songwriter Alfie Templeman has released another single, ‘One More Day’ from his forthcoming self-described “mini album”, titled ‘Forever Isn’t Long Enough’, before its release next week.  

Releasing his first EP ‘Like an Animal’ in 2018 at the tender age of 15, and subsequently releasing 3 more EP’s, Templeman has gained a loyal fan base who can’t get enough of his unique, genre-hopping ability, which always boasts expertly crafted production. 

His earlier material exhibited an indie-pop sound but incorporated an interesting mix of instruments and genres. Guitar-driven indie was combined with more synth-heavy, electronic tracks, and hip-hip beats, setting him apart from your average indie-pop artist. 

Templeman has voiced his concerns about breaking away from a solely indie-pop sound so soon, concerned that he had already cemented his sound as a “pop artist”. Yet, more recently, he has been successfully exploring a retro synth-pop, almost disco-like sound, on singles such as the infectiously upbeat ‘Everybody’s Gonna Love Somebody’ and ‘Forever Isn’t Long Enough’, both of which brim with a 70’s funk groove.  


This latest single ‘One More Day’ sees a departure from this cheerful, retro sound, instead incorporating a lo-fi, chill-hop atmosphereThe sound of crackling feedback runs underneath the instrumental of smooth, dreamy synth and snare drums, giving a relaxed lo-fi hip-hop feel. Templeman has stated to DIY that “I wanted to make something that sounded like the soundtrack to a sunset”

He once again indicates his ability to expertly hop between genres, with this release contrasting starkly with his last few. His vocals are delivered slightly distorted, whilst later in the track the pure tone of feature artist April, joins Templeman’s voice in beautiful harmony. April’s voice then gets its time to shine in her solo verse, complimenting the relaxed instrumental perfectly, before the two voices, which blend flawlessly, once again harmonise for the closing portion of the track. Templeman has also noted that: 

“April made the song that extra bit special, her verse and harmonies really complimented the track and helps you to see its context really clearly.” 


‘One More Day’ is a stunning track and offers an exciting insight into Templeman’s impressive range as an artist.  At still such a young age he is demonstrating a remarkable ability to switch between both commercially successful, catchy indie-pop, funky retro tunes, and more stripped-back, soothing production. 

As a multi-instrumentalist, accomplished songwriter, and self-producer, many have named Templeman as a “prodigy” with skills way beyond his years. With so much achievement in his career already, this mini-album, which will then be followed by a full-length debut album next year, is sure to further demonstrate Templeman’s extraordinary and eclectic talents. 

The mini-album ‘Forever Isn’t Long Enough’ is set for release on the 7th of May.  

Leila McGrorty


Image: They Do PR

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