Monday, April 26, 2021

I Think, You Think, What We Think about 'Midnight Trust’s' new single

Is Nashville sound about to change? 

When the name Nashville comes to mind, we think back to the 1950s, a time better known as the ‘Golden Age of Capitalism’, and how the mix of electric and acoustic guitars with simple but emotionally powerful lyrics told a story with heart, soul, and mind. These were the characteristics of the Nashville sound, or as it is more commonly known 'country music'.

But now, a new sound for Nashville has come into play - consisting of the mixed influences of Bedroom Pop, R&B, and a ‘pinch’ of Jazz. 

And here we have the next up-and-comers, Ian McInroe’s band, Midnight Trust are back with their new single, ‘I Think’.

This track features the band’s new vocalist, Jef Bjarnson, alongside a multitude of different instrumentation. With the punch from the drum machines, the ‘dreary’ organ, the tone from the guitars, and the ‘budget’ sound from the Casio, I’ve gone ahead and added ‘I Think’ straight to my Bedroom Pop playlist.  I can confidently say that Midnight Trust could be the newfound sound of Nashville, especially when it comes to younger crowds.

With Midnight Trust’s adoption of the sounds of bands such as The Marias, Tame Impala, and Glass Animals, it’s clear to see why this up-and-coming group have grown a local following. Their use of soulful organs and zesty guitar lines topped by sultry stacatto vocals are sure to plummet them to the top of the Nashville underground music scene.

The band’s works have been hosted on WMTS 88.3 FM, The Bluelight Sessions @Ridenour Rehearsal Studios, as well as local artist nights, house shows, and bar gigs.

Their first EP is due to be released later on this year.

Lennon ‘Cynfelyn’ Williams

Instagram: @lennoncynfelyn

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