Sunday, April 25, 2021

INTERVIEW: The Old Youths

The Old Youths released their infectious single 'Midnight Takeaways' last month. It is the band's debut single and once you've heard it, it will be hard for you to not get excited about what these guys are capable of as they grow into themselves and their sound.

The track covers the well-trodden ground of a relationship slowly growing apart but it does so in a new and exciting way. Swirling electric guitar riffs drive the song forward, allied with soft vocals. The duo likes to change it up during the time though, never sticking to one note and consistently finding new ways to push the song forward and keep the listener engaged and bopping along.

Funnily enough, new and refreshing would be the perfect way to describe The Old Youths as a band.

We recently had a chat with the lads about the song, their influences, and what the future holds for the duo.

Q - First of all, how are you guys doing?

A - We're doing great thanks for asking, hope you're doing well too!

Q - How long have you guys been together as a band? How did it come about?

A -  Me (Lucas) and Josh have been writing stuff together for nearly five years but we've just recently decided to share with everyone what we've been writing and recording. We're not entirely sure how it all came about really, but since we've picked up a guitar we've never really hanged it up, and I guess we wanted to share all the material we've been writing with more people and not just keep it to ourselves.  

Q - How does it feel to be getting your debut single, Midnight Takeaways, out there?

A - Really exciting, we recorded that track over a year ago so getting it out there was a big relief, the reception for it has been great so far so that's been great to see! 

Q - Can you tell us a little bit about what the song is about?

A - I believe the song can be interpreted to be about a relationship falling apart because of different interests, so it's a song about two people growing further apart from each other or something similar. 

Q - As things progress will you be looking to branch out into more genres?

A - Potentially, It's tough to say right now. I think we'd like to experiment with different types of instruments on a couple of different tracks in the future. However, I think there will always be a guitar in there somewhere.

Q - Are there any contemporary or older artists that inspired this release?

A - I think at the time that we were recording this song we were listening to a lot of Creedence Clearwater Revival and also to a lot of Father John Misty. Though I'm not quite sure they inspired the track, I guess they could have done so in one way or another. 

Q - Has COVID had an impact on you as a band? Or has it been a help in any way?

A - I don't think it has, if anything it has made us a lot more productive with regard to recording new tracks. In the last two or three months we've recorded three or four songs that we are hoping to release sometime soon! 

Q - Lastly, is there anything you'd like to plug?

A - Follow us on Spotify, because we'll be releasing something new very soon on there!

Matthew Codd


Image: Provided by the artist

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