Monday, April 26, 2021

Anxious pop banger from Welsh singer-songwriter Eleri Angharad

The country genre and Welsh singer-songwriters have gone hand-in-hand for years, decades even, but it’s rare to see/hear a 'welsh country' song done with so much pop sheen. Well, “Delete It” is a good example of this. 

The dark, minor piano chords and bass-heavy kick-drum set the tone for this track. Guitar lines and ambient noises fill the surrounding scape as Eleri’s voice sings about the anxiety of sending a lover a text message and the thousands of outcomes that could come from that one text.

As we enter the pre-chorus she is questioning her lover, asking “why did you stop texting?” “Is it my fault?” and then the track bursts into a wall of backing vocals and guitars. With this change, Eleri adjusts her range to be in a higher register that adds urgency to her dilemma and anxiety with her saying she would rather just physically whisper into her partner’s ear than face the stress of sending a text.

After another round of the verse and chorus we get a hypnotic middle 8, with Eleri repeatedly singing “I love you, I delete it”. The instrumental is sparse like the first verse, making plenty of room for the track to build and swell into a final chorus.

Iestyn Williams

Insta: iestynwilliams.13

Image: Official Single Cover - Apple Music

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