Saturday, April 10, 2021

Molly Burman’s debut single ‘Fool Me with Flattery’ tackles misogyny with strong wit

The debut single ‘Fool Me with Flattery’ deals with the issues of misogyny and mansplaining. 

The 19-year-old singer-songwriter from North London took matters into her own hands regarding the theme of misogyny, which many can relate to with their everyday experiences.


She sings about the men who try to make her feel small, clapping back in the best way with lines such as “surprisingly my brain works quite well alone” and “can’t you comprehend that someone so fragile could in fact create ideas harder than your abs”.


The anger in the lyrics is juxtaposed by the dreamy, summery beat of bedroom pop. It is the irony between the two that makes it a perfect response to the men she sings about.


Even if dreamy bedroom pop is not your usual cup of tea, there is no doubting that ‘Fool Me with Flattery’ will be in your head for days after listening.


Molly explains about the single: “This song is for anyone who feels belittled and like they’re being made to shrink themselves; be as big as you possibly can, and don’t let anyone fool you with flattery!


With everything that has happened in these last few weeks, it feels like this song has a sentiment that is very appropriate for now.


It is an important reminder to all of us that the things Molly speaks of in the song are things that so many women around the world will be able to resonate with. Molly Burman has truly made her mark with this lyrically defiant song through wit and humour on a serious subject. 


The message from the song is clear: do not let anyone fool you with flattery.

Josh Bailey-lee


Image Source: Spotify

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