Wednesday, April 28, 2021

A hard look at the mental health crisis during the global pandemic - Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes (ft. Joe Talbot) – My Town

The latest release from Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, featuring Joe Talbot, My Town, dives straight into the tough subject of how the world is handling the mental health aspect of the pandemic. 

This new punk rock tune doesn’t hold back with its fast pace and angry lyrics, made even angrier with the collaboration with Joe Talbot of IDLES fame.

In a recent interview, Frank Carter explained how the band felt there was room for an even angrier voice than their own with this song. This then turned into developing the friendship Frank Carter and Joe Talbot had had for some time into a full-on collaboration between the two artists. One I think fans would be happy to see again in the future.


Easy to jump about to while shouting alongside the singers, My Town showcases how people have shut down and refused to deal with the declining state of the world around them. One lyric, in particular, stands out, “you never talk about what’s deep inside”, paints the struggle many listeners may have come across, the inability to discuss their issues with those closest to them. This song just goes to show how much people need help when it comes to dealing with their various issues, especially during a pandemic like we are currently experiencing.


The classic punk rock elements are met with an almost techno vibe throughout the song, providing an unexpected yet pleasing result. When listening to this newest song you feel a sense of relief as any anger you have about the world gets sung out alongside the artists. It’s a cathartic experience. The lyrics speak to a shared experience, maybe listeners will use this to reach out to others, share their enjoyment of the song as well as their own experiences in their towns.

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