Friday, April 30, 2021

Ben Meyers talks self-love with courageous positivity on new single “Thunder”

American/Australian neo-folk songwriter Ben Meyers is channeling his ‘Springsteen in London’ signature sound on an electric new single, “Thunder”.

“Thunder” is the first official release from the singer-songwriter since the charity single “Water Rising” released earlier this year, which saw him partner up with ‘Help Musicians UK’ to raise money for their Covid-19 relief fund. The track was recorded remotely with fifty of Meyers’ friends, fans, and family members and marked the beginning of a new musical chapter for his audience.

The London-based songwriter told The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, “I ended up co-writing it with my father about these lockdown sentiments, touching upon this well of frustration and wanderlust.”

“Thunder” tackles love and life whilst finding the courage inside yourself in challenging times. With clear influence from fellow New Jersey native Bruce Springsteen through his confident storytelling and the steady build to a triumphant chorus, the track is impressive proof of Meyers’ aim to spend time honing his craft in order to create meaningful music.

Opening with an acoustic melody complemented by an uplifting electric guitar riff the single highlights Meyer’s capability in the layering of sounds to create anthem-worthy tracks. “Thunder” has a lavish feel with a strong drumbeat building the track up to a powerful burst of the chorus.

Meyer’s vocal is reminiscent of John Mayer with the soothing and direct way his message is given to us throughout the verses. The opening lyric “Darling, it’s a night of emotions” is confident in a way that gives us an insight into what is to come from this talented young artist. When the chorus erupts the vocal has the raspy grit of Hozier which feels passionate and honest combined with a fearless drumbeat and entwined guitar sounds resulting in an electric wall of sound. The track highlights the uniqueness of Meyers’ sound with crashing guitars evoking British indie rock nostalgia and bursting chorus’ with eloquent lyrics reminiscent of American folk-rock.

Meyers tells us the universal story of love attempting to slot into life and how we are all “looking for that thunder” but reminds us of the importance of loving ourselves before we can ever be successful in searching for love in others. This important message that you are left with elevates Meyers as a standout artist in folk-rock who you can imagine hearing at a folk festival in the sunshine.

With poignant reminders of the courage needed to keep hope during the past year, this track is a well-needed hit of positivity that proves an exciting new chapter for Meyers has begun.

Daisy Fitzgerald


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