Thursday, April 08, 2021

Singer-songwriter, Minerva Daisy, releases emotionally empowering single ‘Substitute’

'Substitute' was written 3 years ago and is a song that deals with themes of love and relationships and the ups and downs they can bring. 

Minerva sings of the difficulties of being stuck in a relationship that you need to get out of, but being addicted to that person. The track itself is in keeping with her style, the song is driven with a piano, building instrumental and power vocals. 

She channels her many influences such as Nirvana, Etta James, Radiohead, and Hozier to name a few. It is clear from her own music that these influences play a big part in the music that Minerva creates with a wide range of genres being crammed into a song whilst working exquisitely. 

There are definitely similarities here between Minerva Daisy and Kate Bush - both of the two have an eclectic aesthetic with a piano as the primary instrument. Likewise, just like Kate Bush sang of sensitive subjects, Minerva does the same with lyrics that contemplate important issues such as female empowerment and body positivity.


It is her fourth single to be released and her debut single ‘Call me the criminal’ has already gained 20,000 streams which was released just under a year ago.

Substitute feels like one of my most emotional tracks so far, I wasn’t ready to release it when I started releasing music, but now I feel like I am in a place that feels ready...[it] hurt to write but now it feels like a life lesson to myself to never allow yourself to be treated less than you deserve.


A definite one to watch - her strong blend of multiple genres such as rock, soul, indie, and pop all come together to undeniably set her apart.


The only trajectory is up, and we cannot wait to see what she keeps coming out with. 


- Josh Bailey-Lee



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