Thursday, March 04, 2021

Robin Shaw's Bus 2 Nowhere is sending him somewhere

Robin Shaw, a rising star from Norwich who started his career as a street dancer, released Bus 2 Nowhere last year – a simple yet melancholic single which explores lost love. 

Shaw lists James Bay as his music hero, and you can definitely hear the influence. His style focuses on lyrics and wordplay, with the use of mainly piano and guitar to create music which is uncomplicated but beautifully truthful. Shaw’s focus is on storytelling, with his music encouraging you to listen to the words he’s singing rather than the melody they sit on top of. Imagine The Streets’ Mike Skinner if he took inspiration from the indie wave of the mid-2000s.

Bus 2 Nowhere is a perfect example of Shaw’s lyrical indie styling. 

An ode to summer love, it recounts Shaw’s first meeting with a girl who completely astounds him. Beginning with a complement of her floral dress, we are taken on a journey of chasing a girl who Shaw can’t seem to stop thinking about. The catchy hook of “someone like you” paints the song's muse as a totally unforgettable woman – the kind of woman you know will probably break your heart when you first meet her.

Bus 2 Nowhere’s melody begins upbeat, complimenting the lyrics which are hopeful for a budding relationship. However, as the song continues the piano begins to reflect the feeling of a lost chance, as it is revealed that the relationship with this woman hasn’t worked out. Despite wishing for a simple romantic relationship, Shaw is left with disappointment as he watches the woman catch bus number 2 to work. 

With the covid lockdown lasting longer than anyone could have imagined, Bus 2 Nowhere presents an extra layer of longing for the year that we missed out on, and perhaps the summer we hope to have. Shaw wished that he could stop his love interest from taking the bus number 2 to nowhere, and instead take her away to “somewhere” with him – a feeling I think we can all relate to after the year that we’ve had. 

Olivia Grimes


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