Thursday, March 04, 2021

Bad Sounds are back in an explosive collaboration with BROODS

London’s Bad Sounds brothers teamed up with New Zealand’s sibling duo BROODS for a blissful collaboration to warm up their forthcoming EP, with a new single Move into Me. 


Back to January 2020, the seeds has started to sprout when Broods was touring the UK; Bad Sounds then spent a week together with Broods in the studio, making music that could only be produced by the talented siblings and brothers. 


Then, there was Move into Me, started from “one last attempt of groove from a dead-end day” (Bad Sounds Instagram). 


Unlike the other Bad Sounds sounds that you would listen to from their own music, or not even their last collaboration with Bristol greatest four-piece Tungz – Somebody To Get Shy With, released later in 2020; which was upbeat and funky, so the listeners would groove a lot; this time, Bad Sounds made it differently with Broods, Move into Me is more electro-dream-pop and lo-fi, so the listeners will be able to hold a glass of wine, groove slowly around their rooms, alone or with people they love.  


I wanna move into you. 

So why don't you move into me? (Into me) 


The conversational lyrics, can be related to by many people, is telling a story of growing with their lover, getting closer to each other. With the layer of Bad Sounds’ smooth instruments such as the magical synths, muted drums, rapid piano sounds, you will be taken into the loved sonic paradise. 


Move into Me was not what I expected to hear at the first place, but it truly surprised me, in a good way, especially with vocalist Georgia’s voice, it really forms a sort of good-feel song, that you can chill with. 


To be honest, for me, Move Into Me is a song that I would listen to and chill in my bedroom on a quiet evening, probably after a whole day of work, then let the tune take me to wherever it could. 


Bad Sounds also announced that they will be releasing a new EP later this year in Spring after the latest “Escaping from a Violent Time Vol.1” earlier in 2020, which this time, for sure we can look forward to more surprising collaboration, the brothers would bring us and the infinite possibilities of Bad Sounds. 


Eva Leung 


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