Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Lost? Not anymore! With Kiziah & the Kings latest single ‘Lost & Found’.

Doncaster based soul – band released their latest track ‘Lost & Found’ towards the end of last year, blessing us with something finally worth to rave about – or at least dance too. This song is a perfect mix of jazz meets reggae, as is most of their songs, ‘’the band are The Kings, then Kiziah truly is the Queen’’ and don’t we know it with these vocals.

The vocals in this song are a great throwback and reminder, of the old school yet still a very modern day, Gwen Stefani. With the jazzy tones of Kiziah’s voice, it takes you back to a much simpler time, sipping cocktails on a sunny beach quite possibly. 

Despite the deep, powerful lyrics to the song it makes you want to get up, dance and reminisce quite easily. The focus of the melody is the smooth yet bold, brass involvement which compliments the soulful voice of Kiziah throughout - the most faultless effort of smooth yet gritty – almost sexy.

With its needful lyrics, the upbeat tune takes it into a whole different context, taking it from a longing for something or someone, ‘’won’t you come save me, save me’’ with a funky contrast which takes you to a whole different place, an independence, and a new sense of drive - you’ve been saved. The ever so funky yet mellow use of guitar shines a light on the talent of the musicians of the band and points out their unique twist and style of music.

 You should check this song out if you’re looking to refresh your playlists with something eccentric yet soulful, it’s not often done but these guys and girls have smashed it yet again. It’s not often that you find yourself listening to something like this under the pop / ska genre, but it’s worth your time when you do! Especially with the world put in slow motion, listening to this incredibly talented group makes the days that little bit more fun, and that little bit more bearable.  You can check them out over on Spotify, Apple Music and more!

Skye Miller



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