Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Oxford Calling: Low Island make waves with newest single 'Feel Young Again'

Low Island are a 4 piece band who were formed in Oxford back in 2016 who have been making waves with their unique sounds of electronic and synth combined with an acoustic soundscape style. The bands own musical style combined with their emotive and experience inspired lyrics have earned them acclaim within the music community and a growing community of fans. 

Feel Young Again opens with a stripped back introduction with the focus being on the vocals with only a gentle backing undertone. The tempo then begins to pick up before the beat kicks in with a deep bass and drum beat that you can’t help but hone in on; it brings your focus to the song and the sound and it’s beat is something that you find yourself focusing on and moving in time with. Its a song that gets under your skin with its trance like sound that becomes almost addictive and sticks in your mind and soul. 

The song has a duality in that it’s beat allows it to be a song that wouldn’t feel out of place in a club or live setting; but it also has a laid back lounge style that makes it a home style/bedroom listening anthem. It’s a song that you can visualise yourself listening to be it pottering around the house completing little sedate tasks, or even just laying back and doing nothing whilst you get lost in the sound of the song. With its combination of mellow gentle sounds and uptempo bass and drum beat, it allows for a song that gives you a little energetic kick but also takes you away into a zoned out trance that lets you escape from the world for a little while and just relish in your own little bubble of you and the sound 

Low Island have released a top track with Feel Young Again they’ve produced something which in its simplest form is a great go to song that you keep going back to or leaving on repeat with its easy listening sound. It’s a song that fits most moods be it something to make you feel good, something to relax to and soothe the soul or even a song to just get lost in your thoughts too. If you’re looking for a sonic escape or even just good music then look no further than Low Island. 

-Georgina Shine


Image - Wonderland Magazine

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