Saturday, March 20, 2021

Claire Rosinkranz’s new single ‘Real Life’, gives us a relatable insight into a whole generation

Last month, Claire Rosinkranz released her latest single Real Life. The track is paired with a second single, ‘Parking Lot’, and follows the artist’s viral sensation, Backyard Boy, which blew up on TikTok in 2020. The song has an upbeat melody throughout and knowing that Rosinkranz describes her sound as “alternative-blues-pop”, you can hear her main influences coming through within the tune, from The Beatles and Frank Ocean to Still Woozy and Benee. 

The artist writes all of her music herself, whilst recording and producing the songs, with the help of her dad, at their own home studio. This arguably makes the high quality of Real Life all the more impressive.

It is an honest depiction of what life is like for a Gen-Z, 17-year-old right now, forgetting to keep track of the time, as her ‘schedule fell through the cracks’ and the un-romantic routine of watching Netflix in her sweats. The chorus reminds listeners that things are ‘gonna be alright’, as she welcomes them ‘to actual real life’ throughout the song, describing the truthful nature of life beyond social media. 

This positive reminder is a welcome break from the posed nature of Instagram and TikTok during the current lockdown, making so many of us feel the need to live up to the lives of the people we’re seeing, despite the fact that we are only seeing a very small and specific portion. 

The candid lyrics break down the thought-process when looking through Instagram ‘at all these perfect people’ and present the reality of what they’re more likely doing in-between putting together their social media. The bridge especially questions the comparisons young people make between themselves and the ‘perfect people’ on Instagram. Rosinkranz reminds her generation of all the years they will realise they’ve spent wishing to be someone else rather than making ‘memories to treasure’.


In the song, she describes how you may not think that she ‘could really be a popstar’, but in her bedroom she’s ‘really feeling like a rockstar’. Whilst Rosinkranz’s well-earned success happened quickly, she did it all from her ‘room’ and turned her passion for song-writing into a Spotify sensation. 

Overall, Real life is an amazing follow-up to Backyard Boy, with a continuously upbeat melody and very relatable lyrics for her generation. It does a great job at reminding young people of the everyday life that exists away from the screen and the not-so perfect reality we are all living.


Jade Matthews



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