Saturday, March 20, 2021

Go CRAZY for Gal Go Grey and their upcoming debut album!

Gal Go Grey is a duo comprised of Argentinian saxophonist Ignacia Salvadores and London based producer Tom Grey. They have produced an incredibly unique sound together, that just commands your attention.

They have released a taster of what is to come from their debut album, due 16th March, when they dropped their new single ‘Flama’ on 9th February. The duo worked on the record mainly during lockdown, which certainly adds a silver lining to the last 12 months. Whilst unusual in the fact that this track doesn’t have any lyrics this piece is exactly the kind of escapism that is welcomed with open arms during lockdown.


It is said that the first recordings of this track were used in the final piece in order to maintain some of that original energy that comes from just playing on instinct, which is not hard to believe. The heavy saxophone riffs of Ignacio coupled with the deep and bellowing base of Grey is what separates this record from the rest.


It is a hard to capture this song with words as it isn’t trying to send a message or tell a story, it is more of a concept. It is a song that makes you feel something, the more you listen to it, the more you hear the subtilties within in it. It is more than just a usual electronic track; it can be listened to time and time again, but still maintains unpredictability.


Towards the end of the song the beat begins to fade systematically and leaves the song echoing between each ear, which is an extremely appropriate way to end this track. It is an exciting time for the music industry. It appears to be bursting at the seams with fresh new ideas and perspectives. And with artists that haven’t been allowed to preform for too long.


GGG is definitely one to watch for 2021 with their debut album dropping in March, there could be a tour very soon.


Emma Shanks



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