Friday, March 19, 2021

'Sharing my experiences with the world so they don’t feel alone', Millie Milner opens up about all things music

Hailing from ‘God’s own country’ itself, Yorkshire artist Millie Milner has once again graced the ears of fans and new listeners alike with new single Troubled Mind. Milner is definitely one to watch on the music scene; as they are readily producing a steady stream of top class songs, and proving that Milner knows exactly who they are as an artist and that their music is to be taken seriously.

Troubled Mind has Milner displaying a combination of their haunting vocals and the soft gentle instrumental backing. The song is an open and heartfelt number that gives listeners a feeling of security and hope. Milner’s choice of lyrics such as ‘settle down you’re troubled mind, close your eyes, it’ll be alright’ and ‘you just take my hand and I’ll make it all okay’ allow for a direct emotional connection between listener and song, and in some ways artist an song with the lyrics providing listeners with a sense of security and that they can reach out and find someone reaching back for them ready to help support them and protect and help them find their way through the darkness.
Although the song itself was not written with the current global pandemic situation in mind, it is a song that feels as though it came at the perfect time for so many people, with its safe and comforting sound being exactly what so many people need in the current times. People need a safety net and some sort of comfort blanket to help them get though; and for so many people they have turned to the world of music in the hopes of finding solace from the world and its woes and with the track Troubled Mind, Milner has created the soothing getaway that so many people are craving.
I recently had the opportunity to speak to Millie and pick their brains about their career, new single Troubled Mind, lockdown life and what the future holds for them.

Hi Millie, I’d like to start by talking about your single ‘troubled mind’ it’s such a brilliant song. Could you give it a bit of background to the song and the story behind it?
Troubled Mind is a song I wrote during the first UK lockdown whilst living with my girlfriend and her mum. I was watching my partner struggle with a range of problems and mental health struggles and I struggled to put everything I wanted to say to her into words and so it became a song instead. After writing it and releasing it, it became a sort of anthem to not only my partner but everyone else I miss due to lockdown and covid in the form of a lullaby style song.

You’ve become quite famed for your open approach to your songwriter and the fact that you’re not afraid to bear your soul in your music. Was that a conscious choice you made or was it just something that was a natural approach for you?
It wasn't a conscious choice at all, I use my music as a way to share my personal experiences of the world and so it is inherently pretty personal. I put everything I am into my music and I’m so proud to be able to share that with people.

How have you coped with lockdown and the pandemic?
Lockdown has brought its ups and downs and like many other people I’m just floating by. I think sticking by and with those I’m in a bubble with and making some really cool memories has really helped me through it all. Lockdown is new and it isn’t easy, we have to be patient with each other and ourselves.

How has lockdown been for you in terms of your approach to music has it changed your creative process?
At the start I really struggled with knowing what to do, I could no longer perform, or connect and create in person. I felt lost for the longest time but now that I've figured it out I'm thriving and getting to do some really cool things with the time I have on my hands.

Have you taken inspiration from lockdown life and the current global situation to inspire your writing and your music?
It hasn't really come into my music much, I’ve taken this time to recall past memories and put them into music which has left me with some really nice new songs to share when we get out of this mess.

Can fans expect new music or maybe even an album from you anytime soon?
I’m currently in the writing process of my next single but I do have a fully written E.P. that has had to be put on the backburner until there is some normality in the world. I'm super excited to spend some time working on that!

Is there any plans for a tour on the horizon for you if the opportunity arises for one?
Oh gosh, I would love to tour! I've just applied for uni so obviously that is a big factor in what I do and when I do things but who knows what will happen in the next couple of years!

What sort of music have you been listening to recently?
I've been really digging Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zeros, Orla Gartland and King Princess and then obviously my classic favourites like Elvis and the carpenters!

If you could give a brief introduction of yourself and your music to those who may be new to you what would you say?
I am an independent queer musician sharing my experiences with the world in the hopes people will relate and see themselves in my music so they don’t feel alone like I often did when I was younger.

What can we expect in the future from yourself? What’s next for you and your career?
In the near future I have a music video for my last track and then a new track that will be coming out! Keep an eye on my social media because I'm always doing fun new things!
To stay up to date with all things Millie Milner be sure to check out their social media and listen to their music on all media platforms.

-Georgina Shine
Image - Spotify

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