Sunday, April 11, 2021

Bedrooms' latest single For Today will make you yearn for live music!

Ahead of their debut EP release in April, slowcore four-piece Bedrooms return with their latest single For Today. Emerging from a vibrant and crowded music scene, Bedrooms have carved their own path away from the already existing louder post-punk sounds of Dublin. They bring with them a refined sound of soft, unique mystery. 

Following sessions with Bill Ryder-Jones, this latest track will make you yearn for the foggy smoke-filled back room gigs we all miss. Filled with gritty, layered guitars and thick bass, For Today ebbs and flows through the light and dark, making it impossible to avoid getting sucked into the world it creates.

This is only furthered by the soft-spoken, slightly-accented, vocal performance; delivered as if trying to call you to lean in for a secret, which perfectly juxtaposes the lyrical content of the song. Throughout the verses we hear of misunderstood jokes and general misgivings, told with an undeniable nonchalance. This is cemented by the chorus, the suggestion that things sometimes go wrong and can’t be fixed right now so ‘just leave it for today’. This closing line almost pushes you away to listen to the full wall of sound created as the drums fill and surge the song forward.

Coming in at nearly five minutes long, this track never overstays its welcome. The song enters its second half through a cloud of ethereal ambiance before clearing and building to the final crescendo. As the track enters its catchiest moments, it repeats the lackadaisical mantra that ‘sometimes things seem to play out this way’. It is here that you will be transported back to the beer soaked floors of your local venue.

While the song’s influences from shoegaze and slowcore groups of the late 80s and early 90s are apparent, hints of grunge appear throughout. Regardless, Bedrooms have provided an interesting and understated take on the genre in this track that sets them apart from others. One that you can’t help but be excited to hear more of, especially after this exciting and encapsulating glimpse of what’s to come. 

Dan Hayes

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