Monday, April 12, 2021

There’s no need to fear the atmosphere with Shelter Boy’s new single

Shelter Boy aka Simon Graupner started his days as a member of the Brit and surf rock sounding group Still Trees; being in the band allowed Graupner to find his footing in the musical world and develop as an artist. In 2018, Graupner then chose to step out alone and pursue a career as a solo artist in the form of Shelter Boy. 

The newest offering - Atmosphere, from Shelter Boy is a guaranteed hit with its 90’s/00’s feel and a sound resemblance of the oasis/blur style hay day that so many people know and love

The songs sound means that the track wouldn’t sound out of place as a backing number to a big scene in a movie or a tv show, thanks to its combination of relaxed dreamy instrumentals and the raw raspy vocals of Graupner that give it the energy and the power to make it a song for the bigger moments. 

The lyrics of the song represent the energy of the sound, with the use of ‘please don’t tell me how to feel alive’ as a comparative lyric to the higher energy moments in the song. We all find our own ways of feeling alive, and no one can tell us how to feel or how we should try to do a certain thing a certain way; in that moment the rush of life and energy is there and what other people say or think doesn’t matter because all that matters is the feeling in that moment. 

There is also the lyric ‘do you fear the atmosphere’ which seems to represent the dreamier sounding style of the song with the ethereal feel of the lyric. It feels like a ‘big question’ that deserves contemplation and thought as the ‘dream pop sound’ makes for an out of body experience as you take a moment to contemplate the weight of the question and lose yourself in the music and in your thoughts. 

With its combination of euphoric vibes and the dream pop style sound, Atmosphere is another hit for the ever-increasing repertoire of Shelter Boy and fans old and new will greatly enjoy the song and all of its feel-good vibes. 


-Georgina Shine


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